Ordinary General Assemblies of Shareholders of 21/22.04.2011

SIF Moldova Presentation: Achievments 2010 & Perspectives 2011




Press Release - we inform the shareholders that it is available in the final form the informative documents

 Convocation EGMS, OGMS 2011



Contents of materials supplied to the shareholders of SIF Moldova for the Ordinary General Assemblies of Shareholders of 21/22.04.2011


 1. Report of the Board of Directors of SIF Moldova for the Year 2010

 2. Presentation, debate and approval of individual financial statement for 2010, accompanied by the financial auditor's opinion

       - financial  statements

       -Financial auditor opinion

Profit distribution

    - Approval for the distribution of the net profit realized in 2010

    - Approval of the gross dividend / share

    - Setting the deadline and the means of payment of dividends

4. The full discharge of the Board members for the year 2010.

5. Approval of the management contract for the period of the current term of office, starting Mai 1, 2011
    5.1. Management contract

6. Approval of the general limits for the compensation of directors, managers (acting managers) and any other advantages granted in compliance with 15318 of Law 31/1990 republished

7. Selection of the Financial Auditor and approval of the duration of the contract with the financial auditor


8.Activity Program for the year 2011. Revenue and Expense Budget for the year 2011. Declaration of investment policies 2011-2013.



9. Limitation the right to request the payment of dividends due to shareholders and not collected for three years and of recording them in "other reserves".


10. Approval of the date of May 10, 2011 as the registration date of shareholders subject to the decisions adopted by the General Assembly of Shareholders


Dividend Payment Release