SIF Moldova Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on the first call today January, 28 and the following were elected as members of SIF Moldova Board of Directors: Ceocea Costel, Ciorcila Horia, Doros Liviu-Claudiu, Iancu Catalin-Jianu-Dan, Radu Octavian Claudiu


The Board of Directors adopted the following decisions regarding the leadership:

Mr. Doros Liviu-Claudiu appointed as President & CEO

Mr. Iancu Catalin-Jianu-Dan appointed as Vice President & Deputy CEO


"I thank the shareholders for their vote and confidence, on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors and of the SIF Moldova team, especially in these unprecedented times. Even though we are going through a health and economic crisis, we have been close to our investors and have followed our long-term strategy. The experience of the team gives us a competitive advantage on the capital market, that we use for the benefit of our investors. We saw patterns that others didn’t see, identified opportunities and turned them into investments with an average profit of over 100 million lei in each of the last 10 years. Our investment philosophy is well-defined and has constantly shown us that is creator of performant and 2digit returns, superior to other investment companies." – Claudiu Doros – CEO


"The best performing investment companies are distinguished by the continuity of a visionary leadership. As members of the Board of Directors we have a leading role in the development and the success of the company, guiding the team and challenging them to evolve. We closed 2020 with a good financial position, the level of investments exceeded by 69% the forecasted budget. Starting from the strategy and the results presented, we have defined our new objectives, with more transparency, that brings us more confidence from investors, but also more responsibility from us. I thank the shareholders for their vote and trust!" - Catalin Iancu – Deputy CEO